How Social Network login is playing important role in Fitness Industry

With the depreciating state of health currently in The United States, fitness and health industries are growing swiftly. People these days are getting more aware about their wellness. With the increased penetration of social media, a large group of online users on social media are looking for a way where they can integrate their health activities with social media. It’s in trend to let your social media friends to know that you are concerned about your fitness.

To know how social Media has impacted healthcare industry, let’s have a look at some of these facts:

  1. Higher than forty percent of the consumers rely on the social media data and updates to take their health related decisions. People trust what their friends say online. Source
  2. 90% youngsters aged between 18 to 24 have shown trust on the information shared on social networks related to health. Source
  3. Around 20 percent of smartphone users have at least one health or fitness related app installed on their phone. Source
  4. More than 30 percent of wellness professionals are using social networking sites for business benefits. Source

How to Social login can help you getting a hold on in booming health sector?

Engagement is the key to win in Social Media. Social login helps in getting your friends involved to a whole new level. There are some very good Apps (We will list them down later) which allow social login

  1. Ease of use is one of the key factors behind the success of social login. Users love to sign up when it’s just a matter of seconds. Needless to say, having social login feature on website or app is the need of the hour.
  2. As people love to interact with their friends online, they also want to show off that they are aware of health. Also, they want want their friends involved in their fitness activity. Social Login helps in both cases. First the user can share their daily fitness activities on their social timeline and second, they can get friends involved to motivate them and get motivated in return.
  3. As the users log in using their existing accounts, they give access to their personal profile data. Such data has information like age, demographics and personal interests . Marketers can use this data for personalisation of their marketing campaigns


Nike uses social login in their multiple apps. Like on Nike+ Running app, runners can post maps of their activities and the distances they ran past day. This gives them a great motivation when their friends praise their efforts. This also encourages a healthy competition which is helpful in better outcome. There are many other apps like this like runtastic and runkeeper.

PushupsLogger is a fitness website which allows the user to log their daily activities. Using the Facebook Login, a user can see their Social media friends who are also on the same site. They can auto publish status updates about their workouts.