HAPILABS Introduces HAPIfork at CES, World’s First Smart Fork That Helps You When You’re Eating Too Fast, Vibrates to Slow You Down



HAPILABS introduces a Fork at CES, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. They called the fork HAPIfork, But this was no common fork. HAPIfork Monitors How Fast You Eat & Helps You Slow Down.

How HAPIfork Works:

When you are eating too fast, HAPIfork sends you gentle vibrations and indicator lights so you are aware of when you’re not eating at a pace that is optimal for your health. In an unobtrusive way, the fork helps you slow down without a disruption to your meal or conversation.

The HAPIfork contains an electronic key with a printed circuit that links the extremity and the handle of the fork. Because the fork is in contact with only two parts of your body: your mouth and your hand, the device is successful at counting the number of fork servings during a meal. HAPIfork monitors the following activities:

  • The exact time you start and end time of your meal.
  • The amount of “fork servings” taken per minute and per meal.
  • The specific duration of each “fork serving” interval.
  • Your overall meal duration.

All of your HAPIfork eating data is transmitted to a personalized online account when you connect your HAPIfork to your computer via USB or your smartphone via Bluetooth. This flexibility means you can monitor your eating habits and health improvement at home or on the road from a mobile device.

You can choose to keep this information private or share some or all of this data with friends and family who are supporting you, your health and lifestyle.

The common fork is an inexpensive investment; the HAPIfork will cost $99 when it ships in the springtime. HAPIfork will start shipping in early Q2 2013.

Product Page: HAPIfork [HAPILABS.com]