Google’s’ New Tool “Inactive Account Manager” Let you Plan your digital afterlife

What will happen to your Google accounts like Gmail or Google+ when you die? Have you ever think about it? Many of us doesn’t think about this but this is a big question as more and more of your data now lives online, but Google think about it and giving you a new tool to plan our digital life after dead.

Google introducing a new tool “Inactive Account Manager”. Using this tool you can tell Google what you want to your digital data when you die or your account is no longer to use for any reason.

First you will have to set up a timed out period (3, 6, 9 or 12 months) for account inactivity. After that you can choose to have all your data deleted or select trusted contact to send your data from Google services.

inactive account manager

Now you can only send you data from Blogger, Contacts and Circles, Drive, Gmail, Google+ Profiles, Pages and Streams, Picasa Web Albums, Google Voice and YouTube and +1 across the web. All the data from these services will be deleted or send to your trusted contact after timed out your period.

But before Sending or deleting the data Google will contact you by email or text messaging to your cellphone to confirm that you are really dead or switching to another email account.

You can find the tool by going to you Gmail accounts settings or clicking to this link “Inactive Account Manager”.

You cannot share your music, books and movies contained in Google Play. The reason is that, Google Play customers don’t actually own the items they buy. As a Google spokesman explains:

“Digital content purchased on Google Play is licensed to the individual account holder personally. These rights end on the death of the account holder, and there is currently no way of assigning them to others after the user’s death.”

Inactive Account Manager Account Settings

Image Courtesy: Google, Digital Trends

Source: Google

  • The Narcissist

    Wow me and my gf are wondering what we will do with out facebook accounts after we die. We dont want people to post RIP in our wall.