A Tiny Robot That Cleans Your Tablet and Smartphone Screen Automatically


Tired of the hours of backbreaking labor spent wiping your smartphone and tablet displays? Takara Tomy suggests you let a robot do it. Its Automee-S is a 2.75-inch Roomba-like screen polisher that roves around, pulling the filth off your device with special cleaning paper while its electronic brain makes sure it doesn’t topple over the edge.


The Automee S will take 4 minutes to clean a smartphone and 8 minutes for a tablet and let off a cute sound once it is done and power off automatically. It measures 67 × 73 × 38mm, weighs 82 grams and is powered by a single AA battery which is good for three hours of cleaning. The Otomi S will go on sale in Japan on March 28 in four colors for 1575 Yen ($ 17) a piece.