A Pen Translator, Translates While You Read

Pen Translator

Learning foreign language is a global trend for people’s increasing need of it in study and work. Usually when you started to learn a new language you will get some difficulties, but three designers are looking to put translations right at your fingertips.

Pen Translator

The Ivy Guide is a unique device that fits over any pen or pencil and scans words for translation. Basically it helps you understand the language better and makes comprehension easy. It is rechargeable via USB and adapts to your grip with ease. With international students crossing borders and the global community shrinking, this could prove to be a beneficial device.

Pen Translator


Pen Translator

The scanner tip adjusts to any writing tool with a flexible sponge, and while pressing the translating button, readers can underline text. The word is then projected in the chosen language, and cleared by pressing again. The scanner connects to a USB for easy charging.

Pen Translator Pen Translator

The device is currently in its concept stage.

Designers: Shi Jian, Sun Jiahao & Li Ke

Source: Ivy Guide

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